Husro & Shirin

             A historical novel of love, Poetry, war, and revolution


Primary Contact:    Maryam Tabibzadeh /  / (919) 531-4590 


  About The  Book                         Husro-Shirin



History is magnificent and entertaining; Maryam Tabibzadeh’s rich novel invites the readers to experience fifty eight years of ancient Persian history, love, and disappointment through the eyes of its passionate main character.


Husro-Parviz: The almighty and powerful king of the Persian Empire cannot marry the woman he loves because of the duty to his country.

Shirin: Strong and ambitious, the beautiful princess of Armenia refuses to become the powerful king’s mistress.  Although she had the handsome and devoted Farhad by her side, she cannot forget her first and forever love Husro-Parviz.

Farhad: Handsome artist who would give his life for Princess Shirin


 Husro-Shirin                                                                                                                               By Maryam Tabibzadeh                                                                                                                              Paperback 6x9 in, 212 pages                                                                                                                                Dream Books  Books, March 2006                                                                                                                        ISBN  9780979411243                                                                                                                                              Publication date March 1, 2018



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